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Welcome to my little slice of the Internet. This is a little hub that can be used to contact me or find my content on a number of various sites. You can find my blog, Facebook profile, Twitter account,¬†and so on using the little icons on the left-hand side1. Hover over any that you don’t know and the tooltip will tell you what the icon is for2. If you have found yourself here for business purposes, you’ll probably be most interested in my LinkedIn profile and in Expensify, which does expense reporting that doesn’t suck.

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Apart from that, I studied psychology at university; first a bachelor degree in University College Dublin and then a Masters in Political Psychology in Queen’s University, Belfast. Later, I studied an diploma in Business Finance in the Irish Management Institute. As well as this, I have been heavily and passionately involved in the drive for basic family right for lesbian and gay women in Ireland. As the son of a lesbian couple, I’ve been featured in a television documentary, a research study and many television, radio and print interviews. You can find some of those on this page. I also helped to found Belfast Skeptics in the Pub and Believe in Equality, plus I ran the UCD Greens Society and was treasurer for the UCD Humanist Society. I like doing things, y’see.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by.


1. I only add people on Facebook if I actually know them well.

Thanks for dropping by.