Using video to make an emotional connection with your customers

I talk a lot about methods of building relationships with our customers in Expensify. We’re keen on doing on-site visits to customers, but that can be too expensive to be worth the time. In my experience managing customers, only a small proportion were close enough for me to visit. So, while on-site trips are expensive and effective, is the only other choice to send emails back and forth?

Not necessarily – why not use videos to engage with customers? Videos can be very quick to create, and can be used to engage in complex topics, while also bringing the emotional engagement that we all crave. With a little practice, you can create short, snappy videos that will make sure that your customers hear and see you. 

Wistia, the video hosting company (who are also an Expensify customer), are also deeply invested in using video to engage with their customers. They talk in a lot more detail about why video is so effective at building trust and familiarity in a post that includes both research and tactics. 

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To get started with making snappy videos to engage with customers, you’ll need: 

  1. A list of the points you’d like to cover in the video
  2. A tool to capture your webcam’s video, and record your screen (I like Screenflow)
  3. A quiet location to record your video and audio – check the background for anything peculiar, make sure the lighting isn’t making you look to awful, and try and minimise background noise
  4. Somewhere to host your videos (I like Wistia, who again are an Expensify customer)

So, the next time that you are considering whether to send a lengthy email, or to schedule a live call or on-site, why not consider creating a short video instead? You might find that it’s a really effective way of engaging that customer, and guiding them through a complex topic.

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