Tools that you need to start managing customers

In The Guide to SaaS Customer Management, I talk about more detailed processes that can be used when managing relationships with customers. This includes customer health scores, support platforms which route messages to you, and automated messaging campaigns. 

But really, they’re all tools that allow you to scale the support that you’re giving to customers, and how customer success interacts with your high-value customers. 

If today is the first day that your company is starting to managing relationships with high-value customers, then honestly that is all just icing on the cake. The starting point is really much simpler than that.

Do you have an email client? Do you have a list of your customers, and how much they’ve paid you in the last 12 months? Good – that is all that you need to start to manage customers.

Seriously, stop while you’re ahead. You don’t need anything more than an email client and your list. That’s it. Start from there, and research how the first customer on your list uses your product. Then send them an email, say hello and suggest some specific ways that they can use your product better. Ask them if they’d like to speak in more detail, and suggest a time for a call.  

That’s it. Don’t start with anything fancy, and don’t lock yourself into anything long-term. As you iterate on working with your high-value customers this minimal investment will make it as easy as possible to make process changes.

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