Don’t be surprised by a new contact for customers you manage

I’ve learned the hard way that a new contact in a customer that you manage can be a pretty big shift in how they use your product. That new contact will often come to the role with a different set of habits and expectations. They will often not know how to use your product or service, and will lack context on how their company has implemented your product.

If you’re not aware of a change in contact, or if they don’t know who you are or how to take advantage of your product, then that’s going to increase the likelihood of this customer leaving.

The solution to this is to make sure that you’re aware of any changes to your customer contacts. If you have a product which has user roles (Billing Owner, Administrator and End User, for example) then you could use that to define who your contact is.

If you’re in a smaller company, with more limited resources and less internal tooling, then it can be useful to learn how to run your own queries against your product’s database. While this can have a steep learning curve, it does mean you can ask questions on your own time, without needing to involve any other colleagues.

From this, you can then ask a question such as “List the Billing Owners for companies I manage”, or “List the Administrators in companies I manage”. Check this list once a month, or once a week.

If you spot a change, then this is a key time to email that new person, introduce yourself and your role, and suggest a time to speak. You could even send them a video to say hello!

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