How Danny from Buffer makes the most out of being time-shifted from his customers

In a previous post, I talked about two tactics I use when I’m working outside of my usual timezone to minimise impact on our customers.  As a follow-up, I wanted to relate someone else’s experiences too. And who better to speak to than Danny Mulcahy from Buffer. Danny works specifically with Buffer’s largest customers, and is typically based in the UK.  

Danny is currently taking advantage of Buffer’s “Work wherever you’re happiest” policy by participating in a WY_CO (formerly known as We Roam) programme which takes him around the world for a year. When we spoke, Danny was in Cambodia, which is quite a few time zones away from his typical UK workday.

Initially, Danny was working the local business hours, but he soon realised that this was unfair on his teammates. He quickly adjusted his timetable to make sure to align it with his customers, and to avoid adding more stress for his colleagues.

As a result, Danny has shifted his working hours to be closer to UK business hours. He uses the early afternoons to support other, non-business customers. He’s also sending proactive “yearly check-in” emails later in his day, to try and catch their inboxes during his customer’s normal working hours, as opposed to in the middle of the night. 

His advice for you, if you’re working outside of your typical hours, is to take advantage of being time-shifted. Have your rest periods earlier in the day, sleep in later, have a long lunch, or sunbathe by the pool during sunny hours! You can also use morning hours to go to visit museums and galleries  while they’re open.

Enjoy the trip, Danny! 

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