Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I’m joining @Expensify in August

So, the big news in the Farrell-Pendergrast household is that I resigned from Positive Care Ireland and Resiflex a few weeks ago. I’ve been keeping it quiet until we had some more details nailed-down, but it’s all set now and my last day is Friday August 8th.

The primary motivation for this is that I’ve been working in the same place, with the same wonderful people, for more or less 7 years now and decided it was time to get out and about a little bit and see a little more of the world.

I was really pleased to be offered a position as a ‘salesperson extraordinaire’ (their words!) with Expensify a few weeks ago, which I happily accepted. My start date is 11th August. I’ve been using Expensify for a little over two years, to help to manage my company expenses in PCI and Resiflex, and I really look forward to the opportunity to work with them (they’ve been absolutely lovely so far).

My first month with Expensify will be based in the US of A, mostly in San Francisco. If that’s where you are, email me and we’ll grab a drink some time. My second month with Expensify will be spent in Portugal, which I’m really looking forward to (same offer of emailing me if that’s where you are). I spent two weeks there about 7 years ago and really enjoyed it. After that, I’m back to London full-time.

It’s been an incredible adventure over the last 7 years, and huge thanks to everyone in Positive Care Ireland and Resiflex for making it so great.